How to check GST Bill is fake or Real

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                 How to check GST Bill is real or Fake

How to check GST Bill is fake or Real
If you don’t know that every GST bill you get of your purchase is not a genuine bill then you must be aware of this, because not every seller is registered under GST but they charged you GST than it is an illegal activity and government set up a fine for this activity.
So let us talk about the right thing first you have to go official GST website and under the search taxpayer tab, you will find three options search taxpayer by GSTN/UIN, search by Pan and search by composition taxpayer. You have to select search by GSTN/UIN, if you don’t know the official website of GST, just click here 
After entering GST number you will see seller name, his state, address, GST registration date, type of registration like private, proprietorship or partnership. If these all the details you find then the seller and its bill both are genuine but if nothing will appear then the bill is fake.

How to check GST Bill is fake or Real
Also, there is an app called GSTIN Checker by this app you will check GST registration very you can easily download them by clicking  here

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